Innovation in Automotive Aftersales: Capgemini's Daniel Davenport drives insight

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Daniel Davenport, Client Partner for North America Automotive at Capgemini
Salim Murr, Atheer advisor and automotive industry veteran with 40 years of experience
Geof Wheelwright, Director of Marketing, Atheer Inc.

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar


Aftersales has become increasingly important to automotive dealers, as fewer people are buying new cars and are needing to keep their old cars on the road longer. Service departments are increasingly relied upon as revenue drivers within dealerships - and are the vanguards of the brand experience for customers. 


Car makers and their dealers are embracing new technologies to achieve and maintain customer loyalty, cut costs and improve operations. We'll talk about how and why this is happening.

EV requires a new approach

Along with all the other huge changes the auto industry is grappling with, auto makers have also been hard at work in dealing with a massive move to electric vehicles - with all the service and maintenance challenges that you might expect from such a major shift. 

About The Hosts

Daniel Davenport
Client Partner for North America Automotive
Daniel has 25 years of experience leading public and private corporations, as well as agencies in the digital space. He works with clients in the automotive industry to understand, implement, and manage transformation initiatives, increase brand value, and grow their long-term revenue and market share. He has worked with the automotive sector since 2018 - first as Senior Director for Invent Automotive, then as Senior Director for North America Automotive at Capgemini and now as a Client Partner for North America Automotive.
Salim Murr
Advisor for Automotive, Atheer Inc.
Salim joined Atheer as an advisor in 2019 following a 40 year career at BMW North America. He led, in succession, the Technical Service Department, the Warranties Department and the Logistics Department at BMW North America. He helps Atheer to further build out the Atheer Front Line Productivity Platform to optimize it for automotive use cases (especially in after-sales) an area where the company already has strong traction with existing customers such as Porsche Cars North America and Volkswagen Group UK.
Geof Wheelwright
Director of Marketing Communications, Atheer
Geof Wheelwright is the Director of Marketing Communications for Santa Clara, California-based Atheer, Inc. Prior to joining Atheer, he had a 10 year stint in technical communications at Microsoft and was a technology journalist for more than 25 years (including work for The Times of London, the Financial Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, The Guardian and trade publications such as Computerworld and Geekwire). He has written several eBooks for Atheer about the use of AR in industry, covering the aviation, automotive and manufacturing sectors.